Tuesday, 29 July 2014


When I first moved to France, my family and I would often hop in the car and spend days and days exploring all of the little villages and towns all around us. One of my absolute favourite places that we discovered, is this little village called Roquebrun. It's surrounded by the most beautiful river, that you can swim in. The village in itself is gorgeous as its on a really big hill, so all you need to do is lift your eyes to the sky and your vision will be filled with views of beautifully decorated houses. 

Ever since I've been with J, I've wanted to take him here, but seeing as its 30 minutes away from my home, and you can only get there by car, it was kind of pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. Finally, after 3 years, I was able to convince my mum and brother that we should all go out for dinner in Roquebrun, and straight away, everyone agreed.

On the drive there, we decided to first go to a little cafe we discovered by accident over 10 years ago, called Le L├ęzard Bleu (The Blue Lizard), owned by a lovely Dutch family. As soon as we arrived, we noticed that there was a rock concert going on opposite the cafe. As we went to explore, we quickly realised that the cafe was closed and only accessible to the artists. We didn't stay at the festival long because it hadn't even started yet, and our dinner reservation was in a couple of hours.

Rock festival. 

Blue Lizard.
So finally we made it to Roquebrun, and we were all so happy to be there. We went straight down to the river (which was PACKED!) and got our little tootsies wet. J started building a little dam in the middle of the river, and Jake (my brother) went off exploring, while my mum and I sat on the stones taking photos and soaking up the sun. Kinda got a bit obsessed with taking photos of the stones...

J decided to then go exploring himself, and unsurprisingly, fell in! I honestly wasn't surprised in the slightest, but could not stop laughing at him. 

We finished off the night by going to our favourite restaurant in Roquebrun, called Le Petit Nice, and we all tucked into our pizzas whilst enjoying the gorgeous view.


Wednesday, 23 July 2014


I think we can all agree that there’s a time and a place for big bold eyebrows, and day to day life is definitely not one of those times. Over the past few months, I’ve been filling in my brows. I was what some would call a “brow virgin” because until probably around last November, I never touched my eyebrows with anything other than tweezers. Thankfully, through bloggers and youtubers I was finally aware that my eyebrows did actually need filling in, as theyre very thin and sparse in the front, near my eye.

Since starting to fill them in, I’ve managed to perfect them pretty much every day thanks to my own made up routine, which I will share with you all in this blog post. (It may seem strange to some of you, but it’s what works for me at the moment!)

The products I use are the Maybelline brow pencil, the H&M brow kit, and a powder brush. 

Maybelline brow pencil. 

H&M eyebrow kit. 

This is my completely 100% natural eyebrow.
My first step is using my Maybelline brow pencil at the very front of my eyebrow.

My second step is going over it with the lightest colour in my eyebrow kit, which I got from H&M. (It's a very cheap one, but it works wonders for me.)

And this is the finished look!

Finally, I brush through them to make sure that I have the shape that I want, and finish by going over them once more with a clean powder brush. (This is the step that may seem weird to some of you, but for me it’s just a quick way to get a really natural brow by brushing out any excess powder.)

And voila, the finished result. So there we have it, that’s my so called eyebrow routine which I do pretty much on a day to day basis!



Ive been back at home in the South of France for a few weeks now, and one of the first things my mum asked me was if J and I wanted to go with her to this village festival thing for Bastille day. At the time, I said yes, but as it got closer and closer I wasn't very motivated to go because I thought it would be boring, but it actually turned out to be ok.

At this festival thingy, everything is outside. It's held in this big field and has loads of massive tables all lined up. My mum bought tickets which enabled us to reserve seats on one of the tables and actually have a meal provided by the people organising the event. I'm not gonna lie, the food was pretty gross. The starter was a selection of meat which was alright, the dessert was a selection of cheeses and a slice of apple tart which was really nice, but the main meal was so disgusting, it was a pig that had been roasted on a fire with some beans. Usually I'm alright with food like that, but this time was different because while J and me were walking around the field having a look around, we actually saw the pigs being cooked, which freaked me the hell out to see the little pigs going round and round on a stick above a massive fire, so that grossed me out, and to make matters worse, as soon as our food arrived, J decided to say "Look Gina, there's still blood on mine!". I swear, as soon as he said those words, I pushed my plate away. The beans weren't any better to be honest.
But at the end of the day we weren't there for the food, we were there for the celebration.

There was also a live band, they were alright, nothing special but they were quite amusing because they had their own little choreography which made me chuckle.

The best part of the night was hands down the fireworks at the end of the night. I've always always loved fireworks but weirdly enough I never thought to take photos of them until this night. I had forgotten my camera so all of the photos were taken with my iPhone, but the firework ones actually came out quite good!

So that's it, my Bastille day celebrations! This is the second year I've been to this festival thing, and whilst it is kinda fun, I feel like I've been there and done that, so next year I'll be looking for something a bit more wild let's say!


Tuesday, 15 July 2014


If you remember, a few weeks ago I ordered Bootea Detox tea and I was looking forward to see the results. To be honest, the results I got, weren't what I expected.

First things first I'll tell you about the teas. I quite liked both of them, they were yummy and relaxed me, especially the nighttime one. More often than not I'd drink the nighttime one and then be fast asleep within 10 minutes, which was obviously great.
The laxative effect however wasn't toooo pleasant. Nothing crazy, I just experienced quite painful stomach pains a couple of times during the detox. But don't worry, you're not exploding on the way to the toilet haha.

Now for the results, I was disappointed mostly because I'd read lots of reviews about this detox and most people didn't follow the meal plan, yet they still got fantastic results. I wanted to do it all properly, so I followed the meal plan perfectly, didn't eat any meat for 2 weeks, and drank lots of water. Yet, I didn't see much of a result in the slightest. I feel like I can notice a small physical difference, but thats about it. It did make me feel very healthy and energetic, and its a great start to your day to wake up and want to have a cup of tea and then tackle the day ahead of you.

All in all, if you're not interested or bothered about physical changes, then this tea is for you as it does make you feel better INSIDE. If you are interested in the physical changes that a detox can give you, then maybe Bootea isn't for you, however, I honestly can't say whether Bootea just didn't work on ME. Ive seen countless other people and have talked to them about it and they've all said that Bootea worked wonders for them, so theres a good chance that it just doesn't work on me, so dont cross it off your list just yet.


Thursday, 10 July 2014


I'm baaaaack! I know its been ages, but I had such an amazing time in Greece that I'm STILL recovering!

Greece was amazing. There. I said it. It's frickin amazing. It's the best place EVER.
My holiday consisted of doing fun family activities during the day like going to the beach, going on boats, sunbathing by the pool, eating in great restaurants, and the evening and night consisted on partying hard in the town. Greeks be crazy. Like seriously. The Greek people I met there were completely mental and partied like I've never seen before. Every party just seems lame in comparison, but hey.

As for describing the whole holiday, well I think that would get a bit boring, so I'll just explain briefly what I did there, and then I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

We were staying in Evgenia Villas and Suites in Thira in Santorini. We had the most amazing villa, with the most amazing bathroom (yes, I looked straight at the bathroom again). We had a dressing table and a balcony, and really comfortable beds. My brother went to ask the assistant manager of Evgenia where we could party, turns out he decided to party with us and give us our own private tour of the nightlife in Santorini. It was crazy, like nothing I've ever seen before. As you walk down the tiny streets, you come across bar after bar after bar. They're kind of bar/clubs, because during the day it's a normal bar and then in the evening it gets way crazy and you feel like you're partying in a club. We went to 3 absolutely amazing clubs that I'll never forget, and I'm pretty sure I saw Chris Henderson, so ya know, always a plus.

During the day we explored the island and were amazed by the cheap prices (I got a pair of converse for 20 euros, which is insane. Don't think they're fake, but even if they are, they're amazing). We went of an all day boat trip which involved stopping off in beautiful locations and swimming in really deep seas (8 metres deep, gasp). We had a greek lunch on the boat and enjoyed the company of 6 other people we had never met before, it was great. We spent a day on the black beach which is named like that because it's covered in black sand (so hot to stand on, burnt my tootsies), I ordered calamari thinking it was gonna be those typical like rings covered in batter, turned out to be an actual fried squid. I almost puked. We went for dinner in Oia to see the sunset which wasn't all that great, and all in all we just had an amazing time. So here are the photos that will tell you a hell of a lot more about the trip than I ever could. Enjoy.

To start the holiday off, our plane was delayed an hour, so the pilot decided to let all of the kids see the cockpit. Don't think he expected to see a 19 and 22 year old in there, asking to touch all of the buttons. Time flew by though because he was such a nice person and spent a good 20 minutes talking to us about what it's like to be a pilot!

Typical Greek house. It's the cutest thing ever. 
A week in Greece and I still have no idea what yellow donkey / red donkey means. It was everywhere. 

The views. Oh my the views.

The sign that says Tango, is the first club we went to. Kick off to the best nights.

Someone obviously knew we were coming, because they graffitied my brothers name in an abandoned pool. Strange how graffiti looks gorgeous in Greece, of all places. 

These fish were going mental for this piece of bread. So strange to see. 

Sneak peek of my brother. 

Thought this was such a typical Greek photo.

You have no idea how long it took me to take this photo, and how wet I got doing so. 

Black beach. The lighting doesn't do the sand justice, it was genuinely black. 

The Thira sunset was by far the best. Screw people who say Oia has the best sunset, we checked it out, and Thira's in the best. 

Ok, I admit that Oia was pretty beautiful too. 

And the sunset wasn't tooooo bad either ;)

Wise words from the Greek.

Thira sunset. 

Fish spa. Weird, yet satisfying. 

After the fish spa, we were able to write on the walls. My brother got distracted because about 3 people were talking to him, which led him to making these spelling mistakes which are so hilarious. He's not actually 6, he's 22, but figured it would be less embarrassing if people thought he was a toddler who couldn't spell.

Last photo I took of Santorini, I already miss it there, but I'll definitely be back. 
Santorini was definitely my favourite family holiday yet. It's rare that we'll come back from one and decided there and then that we already want to go back, but this one was definitely special. Staying in Evgenia Villas and Suites definitely helped. Everyone there was so lovely and you really get treated like family. All you have to do is complain you're bored and all of a sudden you've got a whole day all planned out for you. Anything you need, the staff do (I wouldn't even call them staff now, they're friends). It really was a magical place and I can't wait to go back. I really want to take J there, I think he would love it.

The only thing left I have to tell you about this holiday is that I got a tattoo there. It's still healing because I only got it last week but once it's healed I'll see if I can get a good photo of it.

Right, I'm off to prepare for a meal tonight, toddles!